Roy Shaff

Roy Shaff’s goal is to be your trusted advisor, providing service and guidance through every step of the home loan process. He will listen carefully and understand your financial needs, and then design your mortgage to take you toward your lifetime financial goals. Roy will explain traditional and sophisticated mortgage programs in everyday English so that you can easily choose from the best financing options available in today’s competitive market. He will show you innovative real estate strategies to help you move through the loan process quickly with exceptional and memorable service.

Communication is Roy’s specialty, so situations that leave you wondering what is happening, or what the lender will ask for next, do not occur. He returns calls promptly, provides regular status updates, and is available throughout the home loan process. Roy is here for you, not just before the loan starts, but also during and after you complete your mortgage loan. Knowing that you can call Roy months or even years later, just to ask him a question, means peace of mind. It’s not just about closing a loan – Roy stays with his clients every step of the way.

Roy has five adopted children. His oldest two children are Cuban and the youngest three are African American. Roy is a proud Navy dad. One of his sons is currently stationed in Japan. Roy lives in Brevard County, has spent most of his life in Florida, and is active in the community as the Chaplain for both the Melbourne Volunteer Fire Dept. and Melbourne Beach Police Dept.

Be sure to ask Roy about the latest money-saving home finance opportunities for firefighters, police officers, teachers, healthcare professionals, and veterans!